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“שאף הן היו באותו הנס”: Rabbi Yehoshua, son of Levi’s Including of Women in a Few Holiday Practices

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In a categorical statement, the Mishnah proposes that “כל מצות עשה שהזמן גרמה–האנשים חייבין, והנשים פטורות – All positive commandments that time causes: men are obligated; women are exempt” (mKiddushin 1.7).  However, there are some exceptions (there are always exceptions…). … Continue reading

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Purim Posts from My Original Blog {ForegoingFridays}

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As part of my ongoing “Foregoing Fridays” series, here are some posts from my original blog related to Purim (very timely, since Purim is this weekend!): Purim Drinking II: Which Beverage(s) to Drink? [11 January 2012] Purim Drinking I: Prolegomenon … Continue reading

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