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Jewish Stuff [Miscellaneous] from my Original Blog {Foregoing Fridays}

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As part of my ongoing “Foregoing Fridays” series, I wanted to share some relevant posts I composed on my original blog in this medium: My Jewish Identity: Someone Else Articulates A Similar View [19 August 2013] A Reflection on My Use … Continue reading

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A New Project re: The Clone Wars

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In the very first Star Wars movie (whether you want to call it “Star Wars”, “Episode IV” or “A New Hope”), we are introduced to Obi-Wan Kenobi, who tells Luke Skywalker, our young protagonist, that he knew his father.  Young … Continue reading

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Judging Favorably (הוי דן לכף זכות)

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A common occurrence of human life is evaluating that which is around us, whether it be things that happen, people doing things, or other matters.  This, amongst other purposes, helps us situate ourselves vis-á-vis the larger world and help us … Continue reading

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Relevant Judaism and Exercise Posts from My Original Blog {Foregoing Fridays}

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As part of my ongoing series, “Foregoing Fridays”, here are posts I’ve written on my original blog concerning Judaism/Jews and exercise: Revisiting Exercise & Judaism [22 February 2009] Preserving One’s Health from the Talmud? [12 May 2008] Jews, Exercise, and … Continue reading

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Reading the Tanya, ch.4 [ספר של בינונים]

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Continuing on in my Reading & Blogging the Tanya series, chapter 4 is very focussed on the fulfilling of the commandments.  I will share three highlights here for me from this chapter: 1) He starts off by writing that the … Continue reading

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Boba Fett in Television & Movies II: The Empire Strikes Back

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Continuing in my Boba Fett description project, the second time Boba Fett appeared in either television or movies is in “The Empire Strikes Back” (Star Wars Episode V). This appearance is perhaps his most famous appearance, from which most people … Continue reading

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“Therefore, Let’s Say Both of Them”: The Blessing Combination of Rav Papa

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There is an interesting phenomenon in the Babylonian Talmud, whereby the phrase הלכך נמרינהו לתרוייהו is used to indicate that a blessing should not just be used to thank God for one thing, but actually should use two pre-existing options … Continue reading

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Making Some Changes at Tomorrowland [Disneyland]

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Anyone who has visited Disneyland and been to Tomorrowland notices that it’s not so much about “tomorrow” and the possibilities that could exist in the future, but, rather, it’s either about “yesterday” (Yesterdayland(?)) or how the future might look, as … Continue reading

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Posts of mine on Orthodoxy {Foregoing Fridays}

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As part of my ongoing “Foregoing Fridays” series here, I wanted to share some posts of mine I have written on matters pertaining to Orthodoxy from my original blog and Jewlicious: Rabbi Pruzansky, Orthopraxy, and Rabbahs {Jewlicious} [12 March 2010] … Continue reading

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Reading the Tanya, ch.3 [Sefer shel Beinonim]: The Introduction of Habad/Chabad – חב”ד

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Continuing in my Tanya-reading project, today brings me to chapter 3.  In this chapter, Rabbi Shneur Zalman focusses primarily on חכמה, בינה, and דעת, the initials of which form the acronym of חב”ד, the alternative name of Lubavitcher Hassidim.  He states … Continue reading

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