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New Jewish Magazine Launches in Southern California!

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Last month, a new Jewish magazine in Southern California launched into existence with its first issue, following up this month with its second. Tomorrow, its third issue will be coming out. The new magazine, Long Beach Jewish Life, began with … Continue reading

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TribeFest Participants Beautify New Orleans City Park

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Last week, I took part in helping to beautify a public park as part of a national conference of young adult Jews. On Monday, March 17th, I was one of many dozens of TribeFest participants who came to New Orleans … Continue reading

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Versus Whom Did the חכמים Argue in the Tosefta IV: Looking at the First Three סדרים

So far, in this series, we have seen סדר זרעים, סדר מועד, and סדר נשים – half of the entirety of the Tosefta, looking for the frequency of this mystery group, חכמים.  The main finding of interest is that Rabbi … Continue reading

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Blessing on Seeing a Large Crowd of Jews

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These past couple of days, I have had the pleasure of being with hundreds of other young adult Jews here in New Orleans and there is such a great amount of energy to being with them.  It makes one wonder … Continue reading

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Contest Opens to Translate Part of the Shulhan Arukh

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Last week, Sefaria launched a contest for the translation of a part of the important 16th century work, the Shulhan Arukh (“Set Table”).  The contest is for translating Even HaEzer, the section that deals with marriage, relationships, sex, and more.   … Continue reading

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Purim Posts from My Original Blog {ForegoingFridays}

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As part of my ongoing “Foregoing Fridays” series, here are some posts from my original blog related to Purim (very timely, since Purim is this weekend!): Purim Drinking II: Which Beverage(s) to Drink? [11 January 2012] Purim Drinking I: Prolegomenon … Continue reading

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Exploring the Clone Wars V: Top Five Episodes of Season Six of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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As part of my ongoing series in exploring the Clone Wars, I wanted to kick off my exploration of Star Wars: The Clone Wars with the recently-released season 6. In this post, I wanted to share my five favorite episodes. … Continue reading

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The Mitzvah Against Verbal Oppression (“How Not to Be a Jerk”): An Example from the Babylonian Talmud

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I had the opportunity to be one of the speakers at the tenth annual Jewlicious Festival, held recently in Long Beach.  Ten days ago, one of the two text-based discussions I led, which I called “What Not to Say”, had … Continue reading

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Starbucks Opens New Store in Downtown Disney Today

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For many months, visitors to Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California passed by a boarded-up section, behind which construction took place. This boarded-up segment near the World of Disney, had a sign indicating that a Starbucks would be arriving in that … Continue reading

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First Four Trips to New Orleans {Foregoing Fridays}

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With my upcoming trip to New Orleans imminent for the third ever TribeFest (having attended the previous TribeFest), I realized a great Foregoing Fridays post would be about my [previous] trips to New Orleans.  As can be seen below, my … Continue reading

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