Contest Opens to Translate Part of the Shulhan Arukh

How a translation page looks on Sefaria - very clean

How a translation page looks on Sefaria – very clean

Last week, Sefaria launched a contest for the translation of a part of the important 16th century work, the Shulhan Arukh (“Set Table”).  The contest is for translating Even HaEzer, the section that deals with marriage, relationships, sex, and more.   The “Set Table”, the importance of which is still significant, was originally composed by the Sephardic Rabbi Yosef Karo as an abridged study guide for Jewish life, followed by glosses of the Ashkenazic Rabbi Moshe Isserles.

The contest began on March 9th and runs through April 6th.  The contest is being run to kick off their campaign to translate Even HaEzer, since, no complete translation of it exists in English.  According to the contest’s page, “By contributing, you’ll be making a core text of the Jewish tradition more accessible to the world. By doing it on Sefaria, you’ll ensure the text is freely available for the world to use and reuse.”  Sefaria aims, according to their website, to “building a free living library of Jewish texts and their interconnections, in Hebrew and in translation.”  As of midday this past Friday, 30% of Even HaEzer had already been translated.

To win prizes, they will be “awarded by a lottery including all contributors based on the amount of translations contributed. The more you translate, the better your chances of winning.”  Prizes include an MacBook Air, an iPad Air, an iPad Mini, Amazon gift cards, and more.

I translated three texts to try it out and it’s a very easy process, accompanied by a simple, clean interface.  Also, if you’re struggling with any of the Hebrew, you can click on one of the Hebrew words, which is linked up with a Hebrew-English translation website.

You can get started and find out more at their contest page and you can get started translating by clicking here and getting randomly assigned texts to translate.

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