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Foregoing Fridays - Drews Views logoAs part of my ongoing “Foregoing Fridays” series, here are posts of mine from my original blog that I wanted to share in this medium on random Jewish stuff:

One of My Favorite Rabbis – Rabbi Aryeh Klapper – Some Recommended Listening [19 July 2013]

Not Translating Responsa? [15 June 2012]

PDF of Minhah for the Ten Days of Repentance [5 October 2011]

Creating a Poster with which to Protest Neturei Karta [4 May 2011]

Choosing Texts for Jewish Adult Education Courses [18 March 2011]

Abandoning Judaism for Religion [30 January 2011]

A Note on Two Different Activities for Students and Their Results: A Lesson From Michael Satlow [28 January 2011]

Crown Heights Riots, Protesting, and Harmony [14 July 2010]

Some Elements of Jewish Spiritual Activism [9 July 2010]

The Limits of Imitatio Dei [5 February 2009]

A Little on Barukh Sheamar [13 May 2008]

Understanding איש ההלכה (Halakhic Man or Man of Halakhah) [9 July 2006]

Yom Yerushalayim [26 May 2006]

Happy Tree New Year :) [13 February 2006]

Apikorsim in Shulhan Arukh [6 January 2006]

What the Dillyo with Hanukkah? [2 January 2006]

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