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Jewish Gatherings {Foregoing Fridays}

A regular feature for the first part of 2014 is “Foregoing Fridays”, which features posts that have appeared on my personal blog that would be of interest in this particular medium.  Today’s “Foregoing Fridays” post concerns Jewish gatherings, especially in … Continue reading

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Exploring the Clone Wars III: Star Wars Clone Wars Season 3

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The third season of Star Wars Clone Wars was aired in late March 2005, just less than two months prior to the theatrical release of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. As opposed to the first season and … Continue reading

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Mitzvot in Rabbinic Literature That Are Considered to be Equivalent to All of the Mitzvot (שקולה מצוה זו כנגד כל המצות כולן)

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An interesting phenomenon in Rabbinic Literature is the rhetorical move of considering a particular mitzvah as being as weighty as all of the rest of them. While I have previously written about the study of Torah not being a part … Continue reading

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Random Jewish Stuff

As part of my ongoing “Foregoing Fridays” series, here are posts of mine from my original blog that I wanted to share in this medium on random Jewish stuff: One of My Favorite Rabbis – Rabbi Aryeh Klapper – Some … Continue reading

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Reading the Tanya, chapter 6 [ספר של בינונים]

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Continuing on in my Tanya-reading project, brings us to chapter 6 in the ספר של בינונים, in which Rabbi Shneur Zalman moves on to talk about the parallel bad side in contrast to what he’s been dealing with in the … Continue reading

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Exploring the Clone Wars II: Star Wars Clone Wars Season 2

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Airing in the spring of 2004, season two of Star Wars Clone Wars picks up immediately where season one left off, with Anakin Skywalker giving chase in his fighter craft, going after Asajj Ventress. While Anakin clearly has had immense … Continue reading

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Versus Whom Did the חכמים Argue in the Tosefta II: סדר מועד

Continuing on in my series to see which sages are argued against [the most] in the Tosefta by “חכמים”, an unnamed group of sages, I now continue on with סדר מועד.  Previously, with סדר זרעים, we saw that Rabbi Meir … Continue reading

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Reading the Tanya, chapter 5 [ספר של בינונים]

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Continuing on my reading and commenting on the Tanya project, chapter 5 continues (from the previous chapter) discussing this Godly soul.  Herein are some of the my thoughts on this chapter: I found Rabbi Schneur Zalman’s take on halakhah as … Continue reading

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Boba Fett in Television & Movies III: Return of the Jedi

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Continuing on in my Boba Fett series, the third time Boba Fett appears on screen is in “Return of the Jedi” (a/k/a Star Wars Episode VI).  Following up on his cinematic debut in The Empire Strikes Back, where he appeared … Continue reading

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Just Because Some Rabbinic Texts are Androcentric Doesn’t Mean There Aren’t (Or Can’t Be) Gynocentric Correlates

When it comes to reading rabbinic literature (Mishnah, Talmud, etc.), the androcentrism of the Rabbis does not often seem like such an issue as much as it does when they discuss women, relationships, and sex. Not infrequently, I come up … Continue reading

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