Versus Whom Did the חכמים Argue in the Tosefta II: סדר מועד

???????????????????????????????Talmud Tuesdays - DrewsViewsContinuing on in my series to see which sages are argued against [the most] in the Tosefta by “חכמים”, an unnamed group of sages, I now continue on with סדר מועד.  Previously, with סדר זרעים, we saw that Rabbi Meir and Rabbi Eliezer had yielded not only the most amount of appearances that the חכמים argued, but also a high frequency of their own appearances.  Moving on to סדר מועד, here are those sages against whom חכמים spoke:

רבי מאיר – 23
רבי – 8
רבי יהודה – 8
רבי אליעזר – 6
רבי שמעון – 4
רבן גמליאל – 3
רבי עקיבא – 2
רבי אלעזר – 1
רבי דוסא – 1
רבי חלפתא – 1
רבי חנינה בן אנטיגנוס – 1
רבי חנניא בן טרדיון – 1
שמעון בן ננס – 1

In comparing this list with the most frequently-appearing sages overall in this סדר, we find that Rabbi Meir and Rabbi both outpace their overall appearances (sure, we can also include Rabbi Eliezer, as well).  So, out of their overall appearances in this סדר, we see that their frequency of appearances that the חכמים speak against them are 29% for Rabbi Meir, 17.8% for Rabbi, 4% for Rabbi Yehudah, and 9.8% for Rabbi Eliezer.  Once again, Rabbi Meir is quite frequently appearing with the חכמים arguing against him!

In the popularity of sages that the חכמים are against, 37.8% for Rabbi Meir, 13.1% each for Rabbi and Rabbi Yehudah, and 9.8% for Rabbi Eliezer.  These four account for 57% of the appearances of the חכמים speaking against them.

To be continued….

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