Versus Whom Did the חכמים Argue in the Tosefta III: סדר נשים

???????????????????????????????Talmud Tuesdays - DrewsViewsContinuing on in my series to see which sages are argued against [the most] in the Tosefta by “חכמים”, an unnamed group of sages, I now continue on with סדר נשים.  So far, as we’ve seen with סדר זרעים and סדר מועד, Rabbi Meir is, by far, the most frequently-appearing sage against whom this group of חכמים have been arguing, despite Rabbi Meir not appearing the most frequently in the Tosefta.

To continue on with סדר נשים, we have the following list of sages against whom the חכמים spoke and the number of times each appeared:

רבי מאיר – 16
רבן גמליאל – 3
רבי עקיבא – 3
רבי אליעזר – 2
רבי יהודה – 2
רבי נתן – 2
רבי שמעון – 2
רבי אלעזר ברבי צדוק – 1
רבי יעקב – 1
רבי ישמעאל – 1
רבי נחמיה – 1
רבן שמעון בן גמליאל – 1

The first thing I noticed was how much less the חכמים appeared in this סדר than versus the other two: there were 35 appearances here, versus 72 and 61, respectively.  Nevertheless, Rabbi Meir is, once again, the most frequently-appearing sages against whom the חכמים are arguing.  23.9% of his appearances in this סדר have the חכמים appearing against him, which is lower than in the other two סדרים, while he appears in 45.7% of the appearances of the חכמים in this סדר – nearly half!

Clearly, Rabbi Meir attracts the responses of this unspecified group of חכמים.  I wonder what it is….

To be continued.

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