Interested in a Nutty Gift? [Promotion]

Oh! Nuts "Sunny Morning" gift basket

Oh! Nuts “Sunny Morning” gift basket could be yours

Oh! Nuts is currently running a promotion for you to have the opportunity to win a $30 gift certificate to use! With Purim coming up very soon, you can win the gift certificate by

– Exploring their Purim goodies baskets

– Picking out your favorite basket from their offerings

– Leaving a comment on this post within ten days (by March 13th) with both the name of your favorite basket and the particular link (URL) of it

A random winner will then be selected and Oh! Nuts will send you the gift certificate!

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40 Responses to Interested in a Nutty Gift? [Promotion]

  1. Susanne R says:

    I’m loving the one that comes with the magazine rack, the Mega Magazine Rack – Mishloach Manos. So interesting.

  2. Evan Rosenhouse says:

    I’d pick the carousel one before it is the most fun.
    Planter of 8 Fun Purim Baskets – Let the Good Times Roll! -

  3. Meg Tucker says:

    Really like this award winning basket with the I can use the copper colored ‘stand’ as a planter! Thanks for the chance!

  4. Joanna Dawn Smith says:

    Oh Nuts has so many fabulous gift baskets! One of my favorites is the Purim Mishloach Manot Gift Tray – 6 Section ~ Here is the link:

    It has a nice selection of some of our favorite treats! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  5. Trisha B. says:

    Such a tough choice since there are so many wonderful baskets to choose from. I’m going with the Beautiful Bulova Timepiece – Shalach Manos. I think this would be such a great gift to give or to recieve.

  6. Drew Kaplan says:

    And the winner is, having – apropos of the holiday – drawn lots to determine who would win this contest , Meg Tucker. Congratulations!

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