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Going Beyond a Simple Blogging Schedule

When I decided to start this blog, I thought I should have regularly-occurring posts for different days of the week, and that was my intention when I started it, with Miscellaneous Mondays allowing for various posts, Talmud Tuesdays being for … Continue reading

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First-Ever Sunday for Long Beach Comic Expo Turns Out to be an Intimate Experience

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Yesterday, I attended the fifth annual Long Beach Comic Expo, held at the Long Beach Convention Center in downtown Long Beach.  Of note, I was there with my first-ever press pass, which was personally exciting (may there be many more … Continue reading

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Bourbon-Tasting in April

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A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Bourbon-tasting,* which was great, as I was glad to try over a half-dozen different Bourbons While I had had several of them before, not only was it great to compare/contrast them with … Continue reading

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First Visit to Trattoria Natalie

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Last night, my wife and I went to a restaurant about which we had heard good things, but had not yet had the opportunity to try.  The restaurant, Trattoria Natalie, has been around since September and is a kosher dairy restaurant … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on TribeFest 2014, Part I: Main Stage & App

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Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the third-ever TribeFest. Produced by the Jewish Federations of North America, this was the first one in New Orleans, with the previous two, having taken place in Las Vegas in 2011 and … Continue reading

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New Jewish Magazine Launches in Southern California!

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Last month, a new Jewish magazine in Southern California launched into existence with its first issue, following up this month with its second. Tomorrow, its third issue will be coming out. The new magazine, Long Beach Jewish Life, began with … Continue reading

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Starbucks Opens New Store in Downtown Disney Today

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For many months, visitors to Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California passed by a boarded-up section, behind which construction took place. This boarded-up segment near the World of Disney, had a sign indicating that a Starbucks would be arriving in that … Continue reading

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Interested in a Nutty Gift? [Promotion]

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Oh! Nuts is currently running a promotion for you to have the opportunity to win a $30 gift certificate to use! With Purim coming up very soon, you can win the gift certificate by – Exploring their Purim goodies baskets – Picking … Continue reading

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Making Some Changes at Tomorrowland [Disneyland]

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Anyone who has visited Disneyland and been to Tomorrowland notices that it’s not so much about “tomorrow” and the possibilities that could exist in the future, but, rather, it’s either about “yesterday” (Yesterdayland(?)) or how the future might look, as … Continue reading

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The Unfortunate Problem of Missing the Context of the “Pluralism” of the Academies of Shammai & Hillel

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Not infrequently, I come across articulations in Jewish writings about the need for pluralism in the Jewish world/community and listening to peoples’ views, which is fine. However, unfortunately, the writer/speaker will usually make recourse to referring to how the Academy … Continue reading

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