Going Beyond a Simple Blogging Schedule

When I decided to start this blog, I thought I should have regularly-occurring posts for different days of the week, and that was my intention when I started it, with Miscellaneous Mondays allowing for various posts, Talmud Tuesdays being for matters relating to rabbinic literature, Star Wars Wednesdays all about Star Wars, Thematic Thursdays for [initially] writing about the Tanya, and Foregoing Fridays for relevant posts from my original blog. At some point, I adjusted this last category to become Multifarious Fridays, to allow for other miscellaneous posts.

This lasted for the first several months, until I realized that I needed to spin-off my posts about Star Wars into a separate blog. So, then, what to do about my “Star Wars Wednesdays”? It was evident they needed to then change. So, I experimented for a month with the “Star Wars Wednesdays Round-Up”, yet I felt that that needed to change.

With last week’s blog posts about the Long Beach Comic Expo, I realized I will not be – for the foreseeable future – hewing to a set schedule of different topics for different days.  However, rabbinic literature posts will go up on Tuesdays and Tanya posts will still go up on Thursday, but – at this time – I am not planning on continuing the Star Wars Wednesdays round-up, leaving my Star Wars blogging for my Star Wars blog. There may even be different and more topics :)  It’s going to be good.

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