Closing Down this Blog and Moving On

When I [officially] began this blog six months ago today, I had done so because, as I wrote elsewhere, I “realized that although I want to generate content (especially Star Wars-related (but not only)) for a broader audience, I figured” that my original blog “is not necessarily the place for it, thus I decided to separate my blogs (and my writing voice on each of them).

However, I decided last week to wind down this particular blog, and to move to another website.  The new location is – so please check that new site out, beginning on July 1st, when it will be launching.

When I set about trying to come up with a name for this present website, I wanted it to reflect my perspective, thus I wanted something along the lines of “The View From Drew”, however, acknowledging that I may have different views within myself, I thought it should be “Views From Drew”.  Since that sounded a bit unwieldy, I changed it to “Drew’s Views” (or DrewsViews).

However, I have come to realize two issues with this nomenclature:

  1. “Views” implies opinions, which may come out occasionally, but that generally tends not to be my style
  2. When I attended the Long Beach Comic Expo and people would ask me what my website was for which I was writing and I would say it was a personal blog, I did feel a wee bit embarrassed. Afterwards, realized I needed to change the name to something with a broader appeal, rather than explicitly something with my name in it

Thus, in order to come up with something with broader appeal and with a nod to a wide variety of stuff, I decided on Matters of Interest.  I hope it works….

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