Jewish Gatherings {Foregoing Fridays}

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A glimpse of me at my first Jewlicious Festival in an interview with Patrick Aleph

A regular feature for the first part of 2014 is “Foregoing Fridays”, which features posts that have appeared on my personal blog that would be of interest in this particular medium.  Today’s “Foregoing Fridays” post concerns Jewish gatherings, especially in light of of today being the tenth annual Jewlicious Festival (marking the fifth Jewlicious Festival with which I have been involved), with some reflections below of my first Jewlicious Festival I attended.

Tribefest 2012 [26 December 2012]

My First Jewlicious Festival: Initial Reflections [22 February 2010]

Monday at the Spitzer Forum [3 March 2006]

Sunday Night at the Spitzer Forum [3 March 2006]


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