Jewish Stuff [Miscellaneous] from my Original Blog {Foregoing Fridays}

JewishAs part of my ongoing “Foregoing Fridays” series, I wanted to share some relevant posts I composed on my original blog in this medium:

My Jewish Identity: Someone Else Articulates A Similar View [19 August 2013]

A Reflection on My Use of the Term “Jewish” [17 June 2012]Foregoing Fridays - Drews Views logo

“Plants Versus People?”: Considering Environmental Concern As a Social Justice Issue [20 June 2011]

Not the Way the Jewish Community should be operating [16 September 2010]

Please Don’t Call This Month “Tober” Nor “Heshvan” [19 October 2009]

What is So Special About Lag b’Omer? [5 May 2008]

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