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Talmudic Advice on Producing Male Children

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With three daughters and no sons, not infrequently do people mention something from the Talmud about how to have male children. Knowing that the statement, in particular, was not the only one suggesting how to have male children, I decided … Continue reading

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“שאף הן היו באותו הנס”: Rabbi Yehoshua, son of Levi’s Including of Women in a Few Holiday Practices

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In a categorical statement, the Mishnah proposes that “כל מצות עשה שהזמן גרמה–האנשים חייבין, והנשים פטורות – All positive commandments that time causes: men are obligated; women are exempt” (mKiddushin 1.7).  However, there are some exceptions (there are always exceptions…). … Continue reading

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The Mitzvah Against Verbal Oppression (“How Not to Be a Jerk”): An Example from the Babylonian Talmud

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I had the opportunity to be one of the speakers at the tenth annual Jewlicious Festival, held recently in Long Beach.  Ten days ago, one of the two text-based discussions I led, which I called “What Not to Say”, had … Continue reading

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“Therefore, Let’s Say Both of Them”: The Blessing Combination of Rav Papa

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There is an interesting phenomenon in the Babylonian Talmud, whereby the phrase הלכך נמרינהו לתרוייהו is used to indicate that a blessing should not just be used to thank God for one thing, but actually should use two pre-existing options … Continue reading

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