Marriage and More Posts from My Original Blog

premarital-sex-not funnyPrior to the official launch of this new blog this week, I wanted to post relevant marriage-related posts that have appeared on my personal blog that would be of interest in this particular medium.

The Image of God Problem for Same-Sex Couples II: Chief Rabbi of France Agrees With Me [25 February 2013]

“Marriage Equality”? “Marital Equality”? [29 January 2013]

The Image of God Problem for Same-Sex “Marriage” [3 June 2012]

Pre-Marital Sex as a Subcategory of Non-Marital Sex [9 January 2012]

 Is There a Jewish View on Same-Gender Marriage In the Public Sphere? [3 November 2009]

An Explanation for a Halakhic Prenuptial Agreement [24 August 2008]

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