Understanding Talmudic/Rabbinic Phrases Posts from My Original Blog

Prior to the official launch of this new blog this week, I wanted to share some content of interest from my original blog.  In this posting are posts on understanding Talmudic words or phrases:

Understanding the Talmudic Phrase מעלין בקדש ולא מורידין (Ma’alin bekodesh v’lo moreedeen) [15 November 2013]

Intending What You Mean To Say and Not Just Direction: כוונה (Kavanah) and כוונת הלב (Kavanat haLev) [20 February 2013]

Pirsumei Nisa in the Babylonian Talmud: Who Uses פרסומי ניסא?

[10 December 2012]


“Talmud Torah Kenegged Kulam”: What Is תלמוד תורה כנגד?

[4 June 2012]

שלשים לכח: Introductory Comments [28 December 2011]

 “In the Name of”?: A Brief Clarification of Citation in the Babylonian Talmud [9 October 2009]

אמונת חכמים: The Sages’ Faith [5 May 2009]


Better Know a Talmudic Phrase II: ואיתימא

[18 December 2008]
[15 December 2008]Better Know a Talmudic Phrase I: בעא מיניה 

‘Ishto Kegufo (His Wife Is Like Himself) [21 August 2007]

White Days [14 May 2007]

An Aspect of תורה לא בשמים היא I had not previously considered [8 January 2006]

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