Talmud Study Posts on My Original Blog

gm1Prior to the official launch of this new blog next week, I wanted to post relevant Talmud study-related posts that have appeared on my personal blog that would be of interest in this particular medium.

Historical Study of the Mishnah, Briefly [21 June 2012]

Academic Talmud & Lomdus Contrasted [27 March 2011]

Rav Lichtenstein on Why Learn Talmud [4 February 2009]

My First Attempt at a Critical Text [2 November 2006]

A Lil’ About Academic Talmud (Seriously, Not A Lot) [13 June 2006]

Drew and Talmud Study, part 3 [11 December 2005]

Drew & Academic Study of Talmud: Part Two [1 December 2005]

A Little About Drew & Talmud Study [28 November 2005]

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