Washington Heights Posts from My Original Blog

Prior to the official launch of this blog next week, I wanted to post relevant posts regarding Washington Heights from my original blog that have appeared that might be of interest in this particular medium.

They fit into three different categories: Jewishly-related topics, 1 Wadsworth Terrace construction, and miscellaneous.

Here are the Jewishly-related ones:

The Two Washington Heights Eruvin Connect! [18 October 2009]

Walking the Newly-Expanded YU Eruv [4 Min. Video] [20 May 2009]

Washington Heights Kosher Eating Options [Updated for Spring 2009] [19 May 2009]

YU Eruv Expanded [6 May 2009]

Kosher Dining Options in Washington Heights [3 September 2007]

Opposition to the Hudson Heights Eruv [14 May 2006]

Soloveitchik Shul almost ready [14 May 2006]

And here are the posts regarding 1 Wadsworth Terrace:

Big “Sidewalk Closed” Signs Finally Go Up [19 August 2008]

Construction Returns to Wadsworth [9 May 2008]

Paving a Path in Construction [18 May 2006]

Construction Equipment Begins To Arrive [17 May 2006]

Cleaning Up at 1 Wadsworth Terrace [12 May 2006]

The Construction Effort Next Door Gets An Address [5 April 2006]

Thursday and Friday Work on the Boarding [5 April 2006]

Progress Now On The Street [30 March 2006]

Progress Next Door [16 March 2006]

This Weekend [25 February 2006]

And here are the miscellaneous posts:

New Gym Rates at J’s Big Gym in Washington Heights [4 December 2008]

No More Blockbuster Stores in Washington Heights Nor Inwood [5 May 2008]

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