Relevant Social Media & the Jewish Community Posts on Other Blogs of Mine

rabbinical_tweetingPrior to my official launch of this new blog in a week and a half, I wanted to post several relevant posts of mine concerning social media and the Jewish community that have appeared on other blogs that would be of interest in this particular medium.

Picturing Rabbis: Rabbis on Instagram [Jewlicious] {August 2013}

QR Codes Flower in Israel [Drew Kaplan’s Blog] {January 2012}

Rabbinical Schools Tweeting [Jewlicious] {December 2011}

An Excellent Place for QR Codes in Jewish Life: Kashrut Certificates [Drew Kaplan’s Blog] {22 November 2011}

Incorporating QR Codes, Microsoft Tag, and More Into Jewish Organizations [Jewlicious] {December 2010}

Hillel & Twitter Follow-Up [Drew Kaplan’s Blog] {August 2010}

How Not To Twitter as a Jewish Organization: The Example of Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life [Jewlicious] {August 2010}

JTwitterverse Coming of Age [Drew Kaplan’s Blog] {May 2009}

Twitter Teshuvot [Drew Kaplan’s Blog] {March 2009}

Trying to Twitter Torah [Drew Kaplan’s Blog] {March 2009}

Torah on Twitter [Drew Kaplan’s Blog] {March 2009}

Apparently, I’m Not the only One not Blogging as Much – Aargh, Twitter [Drew Kaplan’s Blog] {October 2008}

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