Assorted Talmudic Posts from My Original Blog

Prior to the official launch of this blog this week, I wanted to share some assorted Talmudic posts from my original blog (in addition to what I’ve previously shared already: see here, here, and here), so here they are!

Considering the socio-historical context in Disagreements of the Academies of Shammai and Hillel [9 July 2012]

On the Rabbinic Concept of Exegesis: A Quote from Faur [23 October 2009]

Who is a Wealthy Person? [23 June 2006]

Finally Figuring Out The Midrash [4 June 2006]

The Guest’s Blessing [23 May 2006]

Wiping Oneself in the Talmud [19 May 2006]

A Prayer before a Prayer [20 February 2006]

Got Evil Spirit On Your Hands? [1 November 2005]

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