Random Posts from My Original Blog

success face SophonShouldersPrior to the launching of this blog tomorrow, I wanted to share relevant, yet random posts from my original blog.  Voila!

Thanksgiving Posts Round-Up on My Quotes Blog [1 December 2013]

Beer Growlers [22 October 2013]

Categorizing Success [5 August 2012]

Are We Doing Enough About Darfur? [5 October 2010]

Gahanna & Gehenna [8 July 2010]

Can’t Believe She’s Serious [8 June 2010]

On Our Cultural Epistemic [25 October 2009]

My Theological Conundrum on What to Say In Response to a Baby Compliment [26 August 2009]

A Couple of Interesting Quotes About Printing & Censorship [23 June 2009]

Interesting Note on Exercise [4 June 2009]

Interesting Speech: Wimpfheimer on Jury Duty & Shapiro’s Article [7 December 2008]

My Favorite Class in my 1st Semester of College: Introduction to Informatics [30 November 2008]

Two Pet Peeves with Some Articles [26 November 2008]

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