First-Ever Sunday for Long Beach Comic Expo Turns Out to be an Intimate Experience

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Yesterday, I attended the fifth annual Long Beach Comic Expo, held at the Long Beach Convention Center in downtown Long Beach.  Of note, I was there with my first-ever press pass, which was personally exciting (may there be many more … Continue reading

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Darth Maul Project Updates

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As mentioned two weeks ago, I began to embark on a “Darth Maul project” to explore Darth Maul’s appearances on-screen, etc.. This then continued into his return in Star Wars: The Clone Wars in seasons four and five. Since then, … Continue reading

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Israel Visits {Foregoing Fridays}

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Ahead of my upcoming trip to Israel, I realized it would be a good opportunity to share posts from my original blog about [some of] my Israel visits, as part of my Foregoing Fridays series. Having been there seven different … Continue reading

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Exploring Darth Maul’s Return in Seasons 3 & 4 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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As mentioned in last week’s post, I began, and am continuing to work on, a Darth Maul exploration project. In this past week, I have explored his occurrences in seasons 3 and 4 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars: His … Continue reading

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Talmudic Advice on Producing Male Children

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With three daughters and no sons, not infrequently do people mention something from the Talmud about how to have male children. Knowing that the statement, in particular, was not the only one suggesting how to have male children, I decided … Continue reading

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Bourbon-Tasting in April

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A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Bourbon-tasting,* which was great, as I was glad to try over a half-dozen different Bourbons While I had had several of them before, not only was it great to compare/contrast them with … Continue reading

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Academic Jewish Conferences {Foregoing Fridays}

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Continuing on in my “Foregoing Fridays” series, here are posts from my original blog regarding academic Jewish conferences I have attended: AJS 2009 Day 3 [24 December 2010] Day 2 of 2009 AJS Conference [16 February 2010] Day #1 of AJS Conference … Continue reading

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Beginning a Darth Maul Exploration Project

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In advance of the release of Dark Horse Comics’ first issue of Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir in two weeks, I decided to begin a project at Star Wars Maven on Darth Maul. The first post of which was … Continue reading

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First Visit to Trattoria Natalie

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Last night, my wife and I went to a restaurant about which we had heard good things, but had not yet had the opportunity to try.  The restaurant, Trattoria Natalie, has been around since September and is a kosher dairy restaurant … Continue reading

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Judeohistory Posts from My Original Blog {Foregoing Fridays}

Continuing on in my “Foregoing Fridays” series, here are relevant posts from my original blog concerning Judeohistory (since I’m not so happy using the term Jewish History in this regard (see here, for instance)): How the “Cohen Brothers” Changed Retail … Continue reading

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