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Exploring the Clone Wars II: Star Wars Clone Wars Season 2

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Airing in the spring of 2004, season two of Star Wars Clone Wars picks up immediately where season one left off, with Anakin Skywalker giving chase in his fighter craft, going after Asajj Ventress. While Anakin clearly has had immense … Continue reading

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Boba Fett in Television & Movies III: Return of the Jedi

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Continuing on in my Boba Fett series, the third time Boba Fett appears on screen is in “Return of the Jedi” (a/k/a Star Wars Episode VI).  Following up on his cinematic debut in The Empire Strikes Back, where he appeared … Continue reading

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A New Project re: The Clone Wars

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In the very first Star Wars movie (whether you want to call it “Star Wars”, “Episode IV” or “A New Hope”), we are introduced to Obi-Wan Kenobi, who tells Luke Skywalker, our young protagonist, that he knew his father.  Young … Continue reading

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Boba Fett in Television & Movies II: The Empire Strikes Back

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Continuing in my Boba Fett description project, the second time Boba Fett appeared in either television or movies is in “The Empire Strikes Back” (Star Wars Episode V). This appearance is perhaps his most famous appearance, from which most people … Continue reading

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Improving Star Wars Episodes I & II by Subtraction

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Having found myself in conversations with people about Star Wars, inevitably, people say “I enjoyed the original trilogy, but did not like Episodes I-III.” Now, that’s a fair comment to make, although I say, “Look, Episodes I & II aren’t … Continue reading

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Viewing Stuff from my Original Blog [Foregoing Fridays]

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As part of the Foregoing Fridays series, here are some posts regarding tv/movies/videos from my original blog on my that are relevant for this medium: In Appreciation of “Epic Meal Time” [16 January 2012] Watching “UN Me” [1 November 2011] … Continue reading

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Yes, the Star Wars Holiday Special is Bad, but Here are a Few Reasons you Might Want to Watch

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Although I had seen the Star Wars Holiday Special years ago,* I have been wanting to re-watch it for months now.  While I remember the Boba Fett cartoon being valuable and certainly a highlight, I had struggled to recall anything … Continue reading

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Where to Get the Best Crew, Gear, Ship Upgrades, etc. in Firefly The Game

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So, you got Firefly The Game (or one of your friends does and you play it), which came out just this fall, and are wondering what are the best crew, gear and ship upgrades in the game, right?  And you’re … Continue reading

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