Women’s Aliyot [Posts from Previous Blog]

אשה לא תקרא בתורה משום כבוד צבורAs one of the posts intended to be a part of my Foregoing Fridays series (yet, with the impending winding down of this blog, I am posting it today), here are several posts from my original blog

More Kevod Zibur Stuff [26 October 2008]

Kol ‘Ishah & Women’s Krias haTorah II: Rav Henkin’s Take [25 October 2008]

Kol ‘Ishah & Women’s Krias haTorah [1 October 2007]

Kevod Zibbur: A Congregation’s Honor [11 September 2007]

Sperber’s Article on Women’s Aliyos [9 September 2007]

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