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YCT logo - where open orthodoxy begins As one of the posts intended to be a part of my Foregoing Fridays series (yet, with the impending winding down of this blog, I am posting it today), here are several posts from my original blog regarding Yeshivat Chovevei Torah (my alma mater rabbinical school):

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Creating a Rabbinical School [5 March 2012]

Once Again, Some Great YCT Representation at Hillel Institute [10 August 2011]

Shepping Nahas for Rabbi Weiss: Musing on “Kiddush Open Orthodoxy” at the Hillel Institute [12 August 2010]

Considering the Moral Question in Regards to Women’s Rabbinic Ordination: Briefly On Sunday’s Dinner [19 March 2009]

Finally Responding about YCT [2 March 2007]

Recent Commentator Article on YCT [16 February 2007]

But, Seriously, Folks, I Am Not The Voice of YCT [22 June 2006]

Editorial in the Jewish Press [5 April 2006]

My Take on the Cardinals and Bishops Visit [3 April 2006]

Our Last Day of Working (Friday 23 December) [28 December 2005]

Day Two in New Orleans (Thursday 22 December) [28 December 2005]

Leaving Biloxi and Returning to New Orleans [26 December 2005]

Day Two of Helping Out in Biloxi [20 December 2005]

Day One In Biloxi [19 December 2005]

Arrival in the South [18 December 2005]

YCT Returns, or YCT’s Day of School in October [31 October 2005]

YCT Goes on its 1st Ever Spirituality Retreat [26 September 2005]

A New Year At YCT [30 August 2005]

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